Monday, September 29, 2008


I was UP two pounds this morning? How the #(%*&$!( is that possible??? I have been hitting it HARD and eating clean! Well, mostly clean. I'm still adding the occasional bacon bits to a salad, but COME ON!! TWO POUNDS???

I left a message for Tony this morning, because if I'm being honest, I would NOT keep doing this if it didn't result in a dreambody. And unfortunately, the only person in this house who could have a dreambody at 187.9 pounds is my 6'2" tall husband, dammit. I'm PISSED!

No word back from Tony. I just downloaded my workout for today. Whatever, whatever. I'll do it. Hit it hard, as usual. But I AM PISSED.


Health Girl said...

Awwwww. I'm sorry. It really sucks- the scale and weight and all. Couple of things-
* 1st- As your muscle mass increases, weight will increase.

*2nd- Blood volume increases with cardio and weight training (= increase on the scale)

*3rd- sleep deprivation (not necessarily extreme even) can cause weight increase

*4th - Stress can cause a gain on the scale, too.

I know its frustrating to work so hard and see a gain. Trust me- I've seen it. And I've sworn and kicked and screamed. I won't tell you to eat the bacon bits, but I wouldn't think that is the source of your gain. You aren't pmsing are you? I gain 1.5 weeks before I start... anyway...
Drink up some water and maybe up the acv a tiny bit (trust me- tiny bit!)
Get some rest and try to not worry. You'll probably be lighter tomorrow.

Britishlady said...

Hey girlie!
I feel your frustration. I have been in your exact position so many's so discouraging, but here's something I have learned after going through it thousands of week you are going to have a big loss! I promise you that.

Now is the time to hit it even harder. Make sure your eating is 100% clean, hit every single workout with an intensity like no other. Just trust me, I know you're down right now, but don't give up. You're about to break through in a way that will surprise you. I don't know what specifically happens physiolgically, but whenever you have a gain (especially if it's unexpected) the body is getting ready for a crazy big loss. Tony will tell you, you did NOT gain 2lbs of fat in a week. There are so many things going on inside the body- there can be hormonal imbalances, you could be retaining aunt Flo coming to town soon?

I hope this helps. Like I said girl, I know how you feel. Hit it harder than ever this week and you will be pleasantly surprised at your next weigh in.