Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's a CHALLENGE, not a race...

Man, today was CLEAN! I love having days like this! And I refused to buy any more ff milk so no protein pudding tonight. It will have to be chocolate lava cake. I hope it turns out good. Sometimes that stuff is really quite nasty.

Anyway, I had to go up to my client site today, so had to bring 1/2 a grocery store with me in my big pink feed bag.

9:30 Oatmeal w/flax oil and maple syrup (no I didn't nuke these)
12:30 pm Big salad w/teriyaki salmon leftover from last night
missed meal 3 (ooops)
KILLER workout - shoulder CRIT followed by BFL cardio (1.86 miles in 20 min ... YEAH! Thank you, new Nikes Air Zoom)
6 pm Myoplex shake
7:30 pm Thai lettuce wraps (grilled chicken, cucumbers, cabbage in butter lettuce)
9 pm chocolate lava cake

I know Tony is hoping I will make it to 185 this week. Unfortunately, I think TOM is on its way so I'm not all that confident. Miracles can happen, though, and if I keep pushing it hard like I have been, I suppose I could get there. And, I was at 187.7 this morning...

And anyway, bottom line is - if I keep up this pace, I WILL achieve my goals. It's not a race - just a challenge.


Funetics said...

Way to go! You sure can do it, Lii. Hang in there! C

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes!!!! Keep doing what you did today and YOU WILL DO IT!!! 187 is not far off from 185! 2 measley pounds! TOM won't get in your way! WILL IT TO BE! :)

Melissa H said...

You're doing great, girl. Keep moving forward and don't worry too much if you don't hit 185 this week. You're not who you will be tomorrow but you're not who you were yesterday. :-)