Thursday, September 4, 2008

Week 2, Day 11

I went back and read Melissa H's posts from Day 12 and thereabouts, only (I guess) to see if my progress so far is reasonable. I think it is.

I have work to do but I knew I should get on here and post how I'm doing. Still doing ok, I guess. Not craving anything too bad, although casually wondering when I'm going to get a "cheat meal." I'm sort of prepared for not getting one until I've passed the induction period.

I went today and auditioned for a casting agent. My mom thinks I'm crazy, since I barely have enough time to get done what I get paid to do. But the casting agent called me to ask me if I could come in and sing for her, so of course I said yes. :) I love auditioning. I told them I want to come back and do a theatrical audition, but in my head, I was thinking, "Not until November - I want to be well under 180 before I come back with brand new headshots and a cute little outfit and knock their socks off."

So, that's my plan - first week of November. I should be under 170 by then, if I get my way.

OK - I should get some work done. I'm so sleepy. I hope I can get something done.



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Melissa H said...

Oh, I hate the audition process. LOL Dead room. Deadpan faces. Flourescent lights. Bleh!!

Tony gave me a splurge meal at the end of week 3. But, I guess you know that since you went and re-read my posts. LOL