Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Driven to Tears?

Today's workout was a KILLER. I'm still working with my f2f trainer, Kristen - she's just helping me push myself to my max with Tony's workouts. When I got to the last exercise, the walking push ups on the step, she actually tried to make me do them with my legs straight (my arms were so wobbly, I could barely do them with bent knees). I was yelling at her, telling her I couldn't do it - almost in tears, and she was like, "Just try - come on, just try - you can do it." I don't know if any of his other clients work with a f2f trainer to support his Program - I feel really lucky she's willing to completely support me with following the Dreambodies program and getting the max results out of it. I could never have done the weight I did on these exercises by myself.

I can't believe it, but I feel REALLY stoked about how this is going. I really feel like I’m going to be able to make this a lifestyle. I've never, never, NEVER just felt completely good about my body and I can see it with his program.

That being said, I took measurements and bodyfat, and was surprised at where I saw the biggest changes - I lost a two inches off my shoulders, a half inch off my abs, a half inch off my waist, a half inch off my neck and a half inch off my calves, BUT my hips went up an inch and my thigh went up a half inch. So, that's a total net loss of 2.5 inches, and five pounds.

Whatev, dude - it's going in the right direction. YEAH, baby!

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Melissa H said...

Awesome!! I used to laugh when I would lose in my neck. Keep up the great work, Lii!!