Monday, September 15, 2008

Still on track...

This TOM weight gain is making me slightly crazy, but I am proud to say I have been hanging in there. Eating was clean, pushed hard at the gym. I cannot WAIT to be able to report that the TOM weight gain has fled the coop for good. Any words of wisdom or experience are appreciated.

My workout today was good. My neck and shoulders are so sore - and NOT in a good way. I did really push it hard and I cannot wait to have those killer sculpted shoulders that my friends at the gym have. I was washing my face today and was really happy to see how much thinner my face is since I started this. (It's much clearer, too, despite TOM.)

I'm planning to add an extra cardio session tomorrow morning right after I drop Devon off at day care. That is one thing I did differently the first two weeks - I added three extra cardio sessions, whereas last week I only added one.

Anyway, I'm still on track. Still determined to make it to 150. This time next year, I will be there. I will be the woman I long to be. I see it! I see it!

I'm gonna peruse the blogs for awhile and get inspired.

Love y'all,


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Evelyne said...

Just keep kickin' booty and those shapely shoulders will be yours!