Friday, September 5, 2008

Ovulation Strikes

Not everyone is as sensitive to their hormones as I am. The up side is that it has resulted in three beautiful children. The downside is that I experience the same symptoms when I'm ovulating that I do when I have my period: weight gain, acne, and CARB CRAVINGS.
Today was clean: started off with a whey protein shake followed by a 45 min run. Then egg whites w/veggies and nine-grain french toast w/ sf syrup. Lunch was a big grilled chicken spinach salad and then hubby and I picked up our 5 year old from kimdergarten and headed to the gym. BABYSITTING WAS CLOSED! We made the best of it - I did my full workout (kicked butt, too) but skipped my warm up and cool down. Don't know if Tony is going to make me make it up, but I hope not. I'm exhausted.
The scale is not moving and I'm craving carbs like mad. I got pizza for the girls (too tired to make two meals) and so wanted to scarf down a piece. But I didn't.
Any words of wisdom, Divas? Help!!

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Tina said...

I just found you girl!! Felllow Dreambodies diva!! You are not alone in the ovulation issue department...but atleast I always know exactly when I'm ovualating! I found with the Dreambodies program, when I got my bodyfat in check, my hormones must have changed and all of those hormone issues went away, another reason to eat clean, lift heavy, and dream big :) Can't wait for you to see your dreambody :)