Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm still here!!!

OK, I danced with the stupid sugar long enough. I have had it. (For today...I'm not making any sweeping statements anymore...)

Today was my first day of clean eating in a looooong time. I've decided to make the following changes to my diet:

  • No white sugar
  • No white flour
  • No processed foods
  • Avoid wheat (as much as possible)
So, today, I followed these guidelines, and I ran 3 miles and I also drank tons of water. Wonder of wonders, I was under my WW points and only 1400 calories, including a yummy banana baby for a snack. I think I might actually be on to something here.

Tomorrow, I plan to do some speedwork and then yoga. Keep the food clean and I should be able to really make some progress!