Sunday, December 20, 2009

A GREAT weekend!!!

I did it! I had a great weekend, despite the snow and ice. Saturday, I went to the gym before we got hit with two feet of snow. Today, I was snowed in and couldn't make it to the gym, and I texted Tony and got the OK to shovel snow instead of the back workout I had planned to do. Shoveling for an hour was WAY harder, I think. I was covered in sweat and achey all over when I was done. Our driveway is about 100 yards long. Seriously.

I kept my food pretty clean and I am really optimistic about what the scale will show tomorrow. My goal is to be down to 163 by Christmas and to stay there through the holiday. I was successful at the grocery store today...had some gluten-free snacks in my grocery cart (supposedly for the plane ride...on Wednesday) and I thought better of it and put them back.

My only thing is how much I have to do between now and when we leave, between Christmas stuff and stuff for work. I'm just hopeful I can get to the gym every day. Yikes. Saying prayers for that, that things will just get canceled here and there, leaving space in my day to get it all done. :)

Hope you guys are all having a great holiday!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The WORLD is a stage...

Well, first, may I just say that I am SO glad I worked out this morning before the snow got too bad. I had a killer workout, too. Seated behind-the-head tricep presses with a 50lb barbell. Overhead tricep extensions with 90 lbs. When I was done my set of 6, some guy actually applauded. I was like, "You know, I always hear that in my head. I never thought I'd actually hear it out loud!" Tee hee!

I'm on a roll...really enjoying being back in the zone. As of this writing, I have eaten 100% clean, have worked out hard, and am working on liter #5. That's right. Liter #5. Take THAT, 160s! I was 165 on the nose this morning, and I am hoping to see 164 or less tomorrow. Boo ya!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

And so finally...MOVEMENT!!!

Oh man... I am SO excited that after a YEAR of dancing around 170, the scale is finally my friend, and is finally consistently moving toward the 150s! I have not seen the 150s since my WEDDING day, because then we went on our honeymoon and less than a month after we got back, we were preggo. I cannot believe I am finally back to my original pre-pregnancy weight. Thank you, TONY D!

I'm trying hard to stay in the Monday mentality all weekend long so I can hold on to this amazing loss and be solidly in the low 160s when we ring in 2010. OK - off to play Wow! Wow! Wubbzy with my 5-year old. Weekend fun!

Love, Liimu

Friday, December 11, 2009

What am I waiting for??

Why has it been almost a week since my last confession? I mean, er...since I last posted??

I've been doing really well. Really, really well. I cannot believe how well I've been doing, considering we are in the thick of what my friend Peg calls "The Trifecta" (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years). My critical period has actually usually started on Halloween, so I consider myself more than halfway through it.

Tony has been really supportive, and I think maybe equally helpful has been my accountability partner, Jacquie. If she had a blog, I'd link to it (calling you out, girl...), but has made a huge difference having someone who's basically at the same point in the journey checking in on a regular basis, calling me out when I'm bullshi**ing myself into having something I know I'm not supposed to be having, cheering me on as the scale moves in the right direction, etc., etc.

Funny thing happened the other day that I wanted to share with you guys. I was with a friend trying on clothes and this one particular suit fit kind of tight, but still looked good. I told her I was okay with it, since I knew I'd be smaller soon (I already am finding my size 10s loose where a couple weeks ago I couldn't even fit them). She just laughed and said, "Yeah, that's what we all say." I didn't say anything, but what I was thinking is, "That maybe what we all say, but it's what I actually do."

What I'm curious about is why do we do that to each other? Why do we second guess the positive affirmations of others? Why do we slap our own fears and insecurities on other people who dare to dream? I don't know...but what I do know is that I am going to continue to dream and dream BIG, and I'm not going to let anyone plant the seed of doubt in my head as to whether or not my dreams will come true.

Because you see...they already are.

What are your dreams? And who are your dreamkillers? Step carefully around them from afar...and keep your dreams safe and in tact. If you believe them, and take steps to achieve them, before too long they'll have come true.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy birthday, daddy...

This year was the 20th anniversary of my father's death. Today is his birthday. I'm not sure if it's because I've been singing "Believe in Yourself," so much lately - the song I wrote the week he died - but I have really been missing him this year. It felt today like it was just yesterday that he was here.

The day my father died, I swore I heard him say:
"Beloved, don't you cry, for I'm not far away.
Just keep your honesty
The truth will set you free
And follow all your dreams of who you long to be
Cause if you believe in yourself
Then you don't need anything, or anybody else
And if you believe in your dreams
Then your dreams will come true
So believe in yourself, as I believe in you."

I had a recording session today, recording guessed it, "Believe in Yourself." Amazing session - we were done in two takes. Go figure.

It was just a weird and wonderful day. I had a great workout, drank 5 liters of water, and food was clean. Now I'm off to bed nice and early so I can get up just before 6 am and call my friend who moved to Australia.

Work is crazy is good. I'm just so grateful for everything with which God has blessed me. I continue to have faith and move forward. God takes care of the rest.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today's update

I guess it was more like a Thursday than a Monday, as far as how clean my food was, but let me tell you - I am THRILLED with how I did tonight given the fact that I survived our Christmas tree and stuff (I ALWAYS have egg nog and cookies during that little tradition) and didn't have anything when hubby was eating holiday cookies and stromboli for dinner - something I am almost never able to resist having at least a bite of.

I'm really doing well. Tony wanted me to do extra cardio today, but he didn't tell me until I was already dressed for church. When I told him that, he acquiesced. I sent him a bunch of low-carb, non-dairy options for a protein bar. I really think if he could give me something like that, I could actually get to 100% clean. Ah, you know what? I'm gonna be 100% clean, regardless. If he approves something like that, it will just make it easier.

I am on my way to 159, then 145 beyond then. I have my sights SET on it. As for this week, I would be happy to see 165. That's the goal for December 11. I have my workout printed for tomorrow (legs) and will make sure I get all my water in. OK - back to my book. Gotta try not to watch "War of the Worlds," which is one of my husband's favorite movies. Unfortunately, it is incredibly creepy and would definitely give me nightmares if I paid it too much attention. Yuck.

Good night, everyone.

Thank God for the little things, even when it seems like the little things are all you have.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


So, Tony came down on me pretty tough for the fact that I have basically gained and lost the same five pounds for the past YEAR. He said that I need to get the mentality that every day is Monday. What does this mean?

You guys all know the fervor you have for a new program or weight-loss regimen on Monday, especially after a weekend of saying, "Ah, whatever...I'll get back on track on Monday." Well, Tony's point is if somehow, I can convince myself that it's Monday on the especially difficult days (that is, Friday - Sunday), then I can finally break through this barrier I've been bumping up against for months and get through to the next level (that is, the 150s).

So, today was my first day giving it a try. Pretty good...not quite Monday-level clean, but WAY better than Fridays and Saturdays past. Tomorrow's Sunday, and Tony gave me the day off. YIPPEE!!! But it will still be Monday, and's Monday! Piece of cake...I mean, er...piece of fruit!

Hope you guys are all having a great weekend. I'll check in on Monday!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So sad... for so many reasons...

First and foremost, I have to share with you guys that one of my dearest friends, the closest thing I have ever had to a little sister, is leaving me - moving to Australia with her family from here in Pennsylvania. It is so sad, because it is such a long flight, the chances of us being able to plan for me to come see her on a regular basis are slim to none. However, we will be talking twice a week, and we are even going to try to plan an annual trip somewhere midway between there and here. It will be fine, but that didn't keep me from bursting into tears sporadically throughout the day.

OK - so that's what I'm really sad about. On a lighter note, I'm also sad because I can no longer have the sugar-free popsicles or Supreme Protein bars that Tony approved. I really thought I was home free, knowing that I could have those treats. Unfortunately, they are chock full of dairy and so my skin is going berserk. It is not worth it. Just not worth it. So, I've got a message in to Tony to see if I can eat the CLIF Builder bar, instead. SO yummy, and dairy-free! We will see what he says.

The best news is I am still solidly on track. I even managed to squeeze an extra hour of cardio in this morning. How surprised was I to see that tomorrow's workout is 90 minutes of cardio? I hope the weather is nice enough for me to just head out to the trail and run 7-8 miles. I love running so so much.

I guess that's it for now. I have a long day tomorrow - a 90 minute run, followed by a three-hour studio session. My third session in as many days. We are hoping to have three songs done by Monday so my producer can give something to a prospective sponsor (which will hopefully secure us the funding to finish the CD and schedule the tour), and so he has something amazing to bring to LA next week when he goes to meet with various industry people.

Facebook users, enjoy this clip from the November 21 showcase. And if you are in the Philadelphia area, come check us out on December 4!!!


Take care, everyone!

Love, Liimu

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tired, but still plugging away

I made a commitment to someone to run in the morning. Man, I'm tired, but I am always glad when I make that commitment and even moreso once I've fulfilled it. So, yay.

Day 2 of recommitting and feeling back on track. I made a promise that I would stay clean, 100% and I am determined to stick with it. 159, here I come!

I'm exhausted and getting up before 6 am. Good night!