Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So sad... for so many reasons...

First and foremost, I have to share with you guys that one of my dearest friends, the closest thing I have ever had to a little sister, is leaving me - moving to Australia with her family from here in Pennsylvania. It is so sad, because it is such a long flight, the chances of us being able to plan for me to come see her on a regular basis are slim to none. However, we will be talking twice a week, and we are even going to try to plan an annual trip somewhere midway between there and here. It will be fine, but that didn't keep me from bursting into tears sporadically throughout the day.

OK - so that's what I'm really sad about. On a lighter note, I'm also sad because I can no longer have the sugar-free popsicles or Supreme Protein bars that Tony approved. I really thought I was home free, knowing that I could have those treats. Unfortunately, they are chock full of dairy and so my skin is going berserk. It is not worth it. Just not worth it. So, I've got a message in to Tony to see if I can eat the CLIF Builder bar, instead. SO yummy, and dairy-free! We will see what he says.

The best news is I am still solidly on track. I even managed to squeeze an extra hour of cardio in this morning. How surprised was I to see that tomorrow's workout is 90 minutes of cardio? I hope the weather is nice enough for me to just head out to the trail and run 7-8 miles. I love running so so much.

I guess that's it for now. I have a long day tomorrow - a 90 minute run, followed by a three-hour studio session. My third session in as many days. We are hoping to have three songs done by Monday so my producer can give something to a prospective sponsor (which will hopefully secure us the funding to finish the CD and schedule the tour), and so he has something amazing to bring to LA next week when he goes to meet with various industry people.

Facebook users, enjoy this clip from the November 21 showcase. And if you are in the Philadelphia area, come check us out on December 4!!!


Take care, everyone!

Love, Liimu

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Melissa H said...

I'm so sorry, honey. :-( But, my very best friend (besides Rick) lives in VA and we haven't seen each other since I was 20 weeks pregnant with Conor (who is almost 7 and 1/2!). It doesn't matter because special friendships like that survive.