Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today's update

I guess it was more like a Thursday than a Monday, as far as how clean my food was, but let me tell you - I am THRILLED with how I did tonight given the fact that I survived our Christmas tree and stuff (I ALWAYS have egg nog and cookies during that little tradition) and didn't have anything when hubby was eating holiday cookies and stromboli for dinner - something I am almost never able to resist having at least a bite of.

I'm really doing well. Tony wanted me to do extra cardio today, but he didn't tell me until I was already dressed for church. When I told him that, he acquiesced. I sent him a bunch of low-carb, non-dairy options for a protein bar. I really think if he could give me something like that, I could actually get to 100% clean. Ah, you know what? I'm gonna be 100% clean, regardless. If he approves something like that, it will just make it easier.

I am on my way to 159, then 145 beyond then. I have my sights SET on it. As for this week, I would be happy to see 165. That's the goal for December 11. I have my workout printed for tomorrow (legs) and will make sure I get all my water in. OK - back to my book. Gotta try not to watch "War of the Worlds," which is one of my husband's favorite movies. Unfortunately, it is incredibly creepy and would definitely give me nightmares if I paid it too much attention. Yuck.

Good night, everyone.

Thank God for the little things, even when it seems like the little things are all you have.

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