Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 13: Way to go, ME!

Just thought I would share with you guys this interesting dialogue between me and Tony tonight. Yay, me:

Me: I'm starving today. Ran 4 miles in 50 minutes then did your workout. Really Tony? 3 sets of abs, 45 reps? What the? I thought I would die! But I did it, and then did the cool down at a 4.5 mph jog. Only 10 min, though because the day care called me back due to a sick kid.

Anyway, a good weekend, but I sure am hungry and not looking forward to watching the rest of the family eat pizza...

Tony: Let me ask you a question. Can one or two slices of pizza be enough for you???

Me: Uh... no. It would not be worth it. The protein pudding at night has helped a lot to keep me from feeling deprived and tonight I thought about what I could eat that would be the yummiest. Real turkey burger not frozen, w/ff cheese. That's what I will have, tons of veggies. Just had to confess my feelings.

Tony: Okay. There will be times in the future when I will want and NEED you to eat some of those cheat foods. Stay focused. The next few weeks will be exciting :)

Me: PS grilled onions and mushrooms too and hubby decided to have what I am having. Though he'll probably have the bun. That's the hardest part of this meal, but I can do this!!

Tony: Good.

Who IS this woman inhabiting my body? How did she get so disciplined? Rah RAH! 185, here I come!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Liimu!!

Fellow Tony Diva here! It's amazing what that man does, isn't it? Somehow he gets in your head and you just WANT to eat healthy and exercise and CONQUER the world! He's one of a kind.

As far as the 'green lights' go I think he may just want to add some carbs, besides veggies, unless you are already getting them. Like oatmeal or brown rice or yams. Let us know what he does, I'm curious too.

Good luck and I'm sure with Tony you will reach that goal you've set for yourself.