Friday, September 19, 2008

Post-Cheat Wisdom

Ugh. I feel disgusting. Not regretting my decision, but really surprised at how I feel after having eaten my first "cheat meal." First of all, I did follow Tony's suggestion and didn't bring my cheat meal into my house. I finished my 4th ACV before we went to dinner, and then my cheat began. Here's what I had:

one piece of pumpernickel bread w/butter
pita bread w/hummus and feta cheese appetizer (and a couple pieces of hubby's calamari)
3/4 cheeseburger w/fried onions, mushrooms and cheddar cheese
3/4 serving fries
Diet coke

Then onto Whole Foods for 2/3 of a peanut butter brownie and 1/2 c decaf w/whole milk and turbinado sugar.

Funniest part is that as I ate my cheeseburger, I thought how much more satisfying it would have been to have had the seabass w/risotto. How close to equally satisfying my own turkey burger w/ff cheese and grilled onions and mushrooms is, despite the lack of bun. Same when I was eating the peanut butter brownie. It tasted ridiculously like the protein brownie Tony recommended (that I'm staying away from for at least a couple months because it was just too good).

The bottom line? The only thing I'm missing with this way of eating is the GUILT. So my next question would be, why wouldn't I just eat this way for the rest of my life, if that's all that's missing? My answer? I WILL.


Anna with Revolution said...

Hi its Anna from way back when on the BFLM! I have really enjoyed your posts and wanted to let oyu know I was lurking. Also, I loved your last paragraph. Good stuff! Thanks you!!

Melissa H said...

Isn't that crazy? That's the mindset I have screwed back on again, too. :-)
(now, email me about this protein brownie recipe!)

Anna with Revolution said...

That is what I came back to ask about, too!

Liimu said...

The protein brownies can be found here: