Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm going bananas...

OK, I admit it. I'm going bananas...I haven't had a rest day in 12 days (I'm taking tomorrow off), I'm so tired I feel like I"m going to throw up, I'm WAY behind in work and cannot catch up no matter how hard I try, I'm busting my a** at the gym every day, eating CLEAN every day, and yet nothing is changing. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING! Okay - not nothing. I've lost 2 inches this week, no weight, no bodyfat.

Tony gave me the green light for a cheat meal. One meal. Hubby and I are going out to dinner tomorrow night and I'm going to take him up on it.

Honestly, I just am soooooo tired. I think that's my biggest problem today. I'm rounding out week 4 (photos tomorrow) and am proud of the foundation for success I've laid, but ... BUT BUT BUT. Why is there always a but? I'm proud of the foundation for success I've laid. PERIOD.

I AM going to get to 150. I AM going to be ripped and hot by this time next year. I AM! I AM! I AM! I will not let the Fat Monkey crawl back up on my back. I'm doing everything I can do with this day, this one right here, to be a success.

Thank you. I am done.


Melissa H said...

Hang in there. TOM totally messes with my head and I always feel FAT with a capital F and A and T, even though my clothing size doesn't change. That mindset, more than anything, tempts me to fall off the wagon. Go listen to "It's All In Your Head" again. I love that podcast.
You can do this. Bring yourself back. Take a well-deserved rest day and regenerate.

Hillary said...

Hey There!
PMS ALWAYS messes me up. The scale often goes the wrong direction that week. The weight will come off. Its just a process. I didn't lose all my weight at a steady rate. I'll hang on for a few weeks and then drop. Get some rest- its VERY important in the weight loss process. :) Trust me. Stress and lack of sleep = hanging on to fat. Enjoy your meal. get some rest and try to relax. Being a woman is tough business- you deserve some R&R! ;)

Tina said...

I always say forget the freaking scale...if you are doing everything Tony is telling you, then you are changing :) I haven't stepped on the scale in so long I couldn't tell you, and I know if I did...ummm freak out...but I look damn good in my little jeans, and my little tank tops...I look really skinny, but I'm adding muscle here and my water levels fluctate with those silly don't focus on the scale...focus on the things you are doing everyday to get there, and day you will get there...cause if you stick with Tony, he'll make sure you get there...mark my word!! I didn't think it would happen for me, and it did, I'm way beyond where I ever thought I would are doing fabulous...and it is tough...but so worth it!!