Friday, September 12, 2008


I don't know if TOM is coming or if I'm bulking up because I haven't had a straight cardio workout in over a week or if all the stress in my life is making me hold on to weight, but I was PISSED to see 189 again this morning. PISSED. And frustrated to realize that I very well may not reach my (and Tony's) goal of 185 by Monday. Miracles happen, but not necessarily this time.

That being said, I had a GREAT day. Dropped Devon off at school, came home and had a yummy clean breakfast of egg white broccoli and ff cheese, with a side of flax oil oatmeal. Worked for awhile, then took off to the gym for a KILLER back CRIT with my f2f trainer, Kristen. I was dragging on the treadmill (also a symptom of TOM's impending entrance) and still pushed myself to escalate my speed to 7.0 mph by the end. After the workout, I gulped back the MRP shake w/glutamine I'd brought with me (is my halo sparkling?) and then headed over to Starbucks to gulp my 2nd ACV drink and work some more. At about 12:15, I headed over to the Salad Bowl, made a yummy grilled chicken and spinach/lettuce salad w/ff dressing and started on my 3rd ACV drink. (Or was it my 4th?) I then had a LONG needed and awaited massage and facial (my aesthetician was VERY impressed at how much my skin has improved since I've been doing Tony's program) and then back home to get ready for therapy.

Something weird happened here. First, I was trying to make Melissa's noodle-less lasagna, but realized I had no ground turkey. Darn. Then, I made my whey protein shake for meal 4 but when I went to drink it, with every sip I got shards of metallic paper in my mouth. I never figured out what that was all about. I just dumped it out the window and continued on to the grocery store. Had a great therapy session, then came home to make the noodle-less lasagna (YUM) while my kids ate pizza.

Could I make it to 185 by Monday? I suppose. Will I make it to 150 by this time next year? Damn straight.

Love y'all.



Melissa H said...

First, I will guaran-damn-tee that TOM has your scale weight up. Second, I think you need to step away from the scale. You already know that it is NOT a good measure of success, only a piece. I found that, when Tony would give me a scale goal, it would freak me the F out. I had no problem pushing for a loss. I even wanted a big loss. But, put a number to it? I would freak every time I saw the number. You need to tell Tony how this is affecting you.
Third, I can actually fluctuate SEVEN scale pounds when TOM comes around. SEVEN!!
And lastly, isn't that noodle-less lasagna the bomb?! I am so glad I played around with it because it really gets rid of my desire for pasta! It is even better the next day because it has been allowed to firm up in the fridge.

You are doing so great, Lii. I'm so happy for you!

April said...

Love you attitude! If you want to be 150 then you'll get there I just know!

Good Luck!