Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Afraid to post...

Not like last time, not afraid of the backlash...I'm afraid of what I might say. What I might admit. It has been truly emotional week and DH and I have been very disconnected. Add to that the fact that I'm completely PMSing and not losing weight as a result and you understand why I've been struggling.

Those dang protein brownies. Tony recommended I get them, but didn't want me to use peanut butter in the mix. Well, the mix didn't have any instructions for how to make them without peanut butter, so I made them with. Big mistake (though a Tony-approved mistake). My servings kept getting bigger and bigger. It's gone now, thank GOD, and I won't be buying it again.

My workouts have been killer, still, so I'm glad about that. I ran an extra 2.5 miles this morning (in a half hour) and also hit it hard tonight for an hour - a great back workout. I'm looking forward to tomorrow - legs. Oh, and while I was doing chest presses, I was thinking about Evelyn's post about doing 105 pound chest presses, and I was dying with 70 pounds on there for 6 reps!

Anyway, I'm still in the game, still digging Tony's program. I just wish the damn scale would start moving again. It feels like it's been stalled for much longer than a week!!

Take care,


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