Friday, September 26, 2008

All is well...

First, thanks to everyone for your prayers and support. The call with my client went very well. She was incredibly cool about it, very calm and clear-headed. And, she didn't seem all together surprised, which was a good thing. We went over everything and came up with a revised schedule. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Hell, I can finally BREATHE. It looks like the project may be extended a couple months, too, which is a nice bonus. I'm still going to commission help with it, too, just because I will likely still need it.

That being said, we got bad news on the insurance front. DH picked the wrong coverage, and even after he picks the right coverage it only covers 50%. Good thing we have good jobs. It's going to cost us several thousand dollars to finish his root canal and get Devon's cavities taken care of. Ugh. Gotta make that girl brush her teeth better.

Anyway, it was an exhausting day. I didn't get to the gym, and was on my way there at 2 pm when I realized I wasn't going to have time for T's workout and still get to pick up Devon from school on time .I called him to find out what he wanted me to do in these types of situations. And then, I went to the party store to get the decorations for my 2-year old's birthday party tomorrow. By the time T called me back, I had bagged the gym (but left a message for DH asking if I could go later after he got home).

T and I had a good conversation, though I have to say, I'm missing all the positive hoo ha I used to get when I first started with him. I don't NEED it, per se, but I do wish he still acted like I'm rocking the caspah. We were sort of doing an inventory of all my behaviors and at one point he asked how I was doing with ACV and lemon juice and green tea extract. I told him I thought I would get the definite prize of all his divas for my ACV/LJ/GT consumption. I LOVE it! I drink it all day long (and have to keep it from my kids). He laughed. I got him to laugh!

Anyway, I can't believe I'm rounding out week 5 already. This has really become a lifestyle and thank God for that.

More tomorrow, y'all.


Tina said...

:) I'm so far behind on reading the blogs...I think I'll be up all night!! You are doing fabulous though!! Keep it going...I'm following you ;)

rockstarmom said...

I cannot wait for your pictures..I know great things are happening for you and that body!!
You are your best cheerleader right now..don't forget that..and we are here for you too!!! I WANT PICTURES :)

Tearose said...

Good Job on the 10lbs lost in the last month!