Sunday, September 14, 2008

I KNEW I wasn't crazy!

TOM has arrived! I knew I wasn't crazy. Holding fast at 189 and Tony had great advice that made me feel much better (I just knew he was going to tell me to just stay away from the scale...)

Me: Holding steady and TOM hasn't even arrived. It's messing with my head because my food is clean and I'm hitting all the workouts super hard. I feel like this is what always happens and then I give up. Like I'll never make it past this plateau and into the 170s. I want it so BAD. I'm on my way to do my training run. 5 easy miles. I know could just stay away from the scale, but how can I get back to feeling like this is really gonna work this time??

Tony: Because it IS going to work. The key is to be very aggressive at those times when you feel your weakest. Like NOW!! In other words, once the body begins to set at a point, it usually is about to break the homeostasis it's in. This week MUST be a great week.

We will talk this week :)

And with that, I headed over to the gym and ran my 5 miles and LOVED it. I had set up my new toy - the Nike iPod shoe thingie (I know - I'm about two years behind the trends). Anyway, I got a total kick out of it and ended up the 5 miles at 6 mph for the last quarter mile. YEAH me!

Today was another clean day - even though it's free day for DH, I did grocery shopping and hung out with friends who brought out snacks what felt like every five minutes. I'm so glad I hung in there and didn't give in to the pita bread and hummus, pretzels, chocolate chip peanut butter cookies (do you get the picture?). My dear, sweet friend I was visiting with is one of those interesting women who seems to be able to eat whatever she wants (really) and not gain weight. She forgets to eat. You get it.

Anyway, I know today that I AM NOT one of those people. I continue to remain diligent and kick butt in the gym and with my food.

Off to make my chocolate lava cake - meal 6. I'll keep you guys posted on when the TOM poundage finally flies off!! You know it!!

Thanks to everyone for the supportive comments. I love y'all!!!


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Tina said...

Oh I love that quote of Tony's, he is so right, I remember being there!! Keep going strong...push harder than you ever have before!! I love that you bring me back in time...I'm getting all teary eyed!! I've been there...and now I am here...bust through are well on your way :)