Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quick Check In

Hey there,

I just want to commit my food for the day. I'll be at an open call much of the day and I don't want my food to get sloppy, nor do I want to miss my planned workout.

Here's the plan:

M1 Egg whites w/ff cheese and mushrooms, oatmeal w/strawberries, flax oil and sf syrup (9 am)
M2 Homemade protein bar (11 am, right before open call)
12:30 pm (I hope) - workout at gym
M3 2:00 pm - Myoplex w/glutamine
M4 4 pm - salad w/grilled chicken
M5 Grilled chicken, green beans, steamed broccoli
M6 - Homemade protein bar

I'll check in later to let you know how the day went, including my audition for a new talent agency!!!

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. This is a very interesting journey I'm on - keeps my faith right on the surface of my soul, if that makes sense.

1 comment:

Melissa H said...

Can't wait to hear the details! I believe in you!!