Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 4, Recommitment

OK, I just have to wax poetic for a minute on some thoughts Melissa got going in me today thanks to her wonderful blog post.

I fully intend to be the regular mom who got fit and fabulous and have people saying about me what Paula said in response to Melissa's post about how being fit should be a state of mind, not a white-knuckle approach to life until you can finally relax and eat like you want to. Paula said, about Tosca Reno's podcast on the subject of how she eats that it's her job to look like that, so she has added incentive. Well, when I get fit, I will be "just a mom" for a minute, but I fully expect that at the same time, so many of my dreams will be unlocked and unleashed and then people will be saying about me, "Yeah - but look at her, she's a famous inspirational singer and she has a team of people cooking for her, training her, it's her JOB to look like that." But YOU ALL will know that it didn't start out that way. (wink!)

I am so completely with Melissa on this topic, it's amazing. I have a 10-mile race this weekend, and I fully intend to eat the same breakfast beforehand that I have had before every distance run (cinnamon-raisin bagel with natural peanut butter) and enjoy a healthy, hearty breakfast after, more for the good calories and fuel for the race as for the "I deserve it" factor. What I do, in fact, deserve is to have a beautiful body and tons of energy, which I do. I also deserve to have beautiful clothes to drape on this beautiful body, which I don't. I deprive myself of clothes that actually fit me, waiting to reach this size or that. Well today, I went into the store and bought a beautiful size 10 Jones New York suit. I deserve to have clothes that are made well and look like it. So, I will be donating a bunch of clothes to charity today that I do NOT wear and will be putting a bunch of clothes up in the attic that are too big and I will have a closet full of clothes that FIT! I love feeding my body healthy food. I love eating when I'm hungry. And I LOVE being fit and fabulous!


Melissa H said...

Size 10 suit!! GO GIRL!!!

I deprive myself of clothes that actually fit me, waiting to reach this size or that. OHHHH, how I relate to this. No more.

Tina said...

I fully intended on commenting sooner than this but haven't had time to get on the computer. First your comment to my last comment...I just wanted to say just thoughts...not advice...I never give advice :)

Second...I can only speak for me...but this whole process...working with Tony has really unleashed my's not about food, or even weight's about what was holding me back...obsessing about food and my weight was really getting in the way of a whole lot I needed to get done in life. I guess I just really want that unleashing for you and for a lot of woman that I see going through the same thing.

For me I really had to surrender to a program...not question it...just do it...that's when it really started happening for me....

And I agree you have to love who you are right now...and treat that person with respect and celebrate that person...absolutely!!!!

And these again just thoughts...I don't claim to have any answers...just lots of thoughts...and I guess just have a feeling...I feel your roadblock and I feel like you are about to burst through it and I don't want you to give up before you I'm here watching, reading, and getting really excited!!!!