Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hanging on by a thread

I was really, really struggling today, I have to be honest. After ten days of Spring break with my 6 year old, my 5 year old comes down with a fever. She's home with me today for the second day, then the school calls and my two year old gets sent home with a 102 fever. Well, that's okay, I think, because the 5 year old is on the mend. Except that she's not. After dinner, her fever rockets back up to 102.

In the midst of all this, I get an e-mail about a job. Yay! I've been out of work for nearly two months! Yippee! Oh, then I get another e-mail - sorry, we just looked at your file and this job pays WAY less than you charge. Dang - you couldn't just talk to me about it? Let ME decide. So, now I'm really aggravated, and I'm tired, and I have to go to meet with people at my 6-year old's school at 8:30. The girls need a bath and I'm having flounder. Again. Third day in a row. Tony has me on an extreme food plan, and he warned me it would be monotonous. The only thing I can sub for the flounder is fillet of sole. Ugh.

Anyway, by the time we got the girls washed up and it was Devon's turn to meltdown (everyone took a turn - yay), this time over it being cold when she got out of the tub, I was ready to spontaneously combust, I was so irritated and aggravated. I wanted something, anything to make me feel something different. I wanted to eat so BAD.

But I didn't.

I had a carb control yogurt (which wasn't authorized, but dangit, he didn't get back to me and I was hungry and losing my mind), went off to my meeting and then came home. Now I'm off to bed, another clean day. My goal is to lose 15 pounds by June 22. Hope I can do it. I know that at least today, I did what I needed to do to support that goal.


Tearose said...

good job on only having the yogurt, hang in there I hope everything gets easier soon.

Tina said...

I was thinking about you today when I was on the treadmill at 4 am. You have to stick this plan out...get in the zone and stick it out...when Tony gives you these things...they tear the walls are about to hit some new have to trust me on this one. Stick to it like glue!!! I really want you to see what's on the other side of this diet...let me say this again...tearing walls down...the walls that are keeping you from seeing that next big change not just in your I right Tea :) You can do this Liimu...I can feel it happening for you :) I want you to feel it :)