Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekend Check In

Well, I can't very well complain about you all not updating your blogs if mine is totally out of date, can I?

I am so proud of myself. PROUD, I tell you! Today was the third annual McGill Family Easter Egg Hunt and I planned for it! I had a good meal before it started, had protein bar and microwave popcorn available for me to eat during the course of the day. As a result, I got through the entire day without a single bite of any unauthorized food. My only complaints about the day are that I didn't drink enough water and I ate too much at the tail end of the day. Here's how it went:

M1: Whey protein w/blueberries
1 hour trail walk/run
1 hour tricep workout
M2: Egg whites w/ff cheese and broccoli, oatmeal w/berries, flax oil and sf syrup, glutamine powder
M3: Microwave popcorn, homemade protein bar
M4: Turkey burger w/ff cheese, grilled mushrooms, oven fried sweet potato, salad w/light ranch dressing
M5: homemade protein bar

I'm getting up tomorrow to run 4 miles (I think - my running partner wants to run 6) and then go to the gym...again. I have to tell you guys the truth, my body is sore and I am really tired. Will I keep up this pace forever? I'm not sure that I can.

In other news, my sister is joining Dreambodies. I'm so excited for her, and trying to be supportive without being unrealistic, realistic without freaking her out. :) We didn't talk much about it today, though she and my other sister were very sweet about noting how thin I've gotten. At one point, I was sitting talking to someone and noticed her and my other sister looking at me, and they said, "We were just talking about how thin and beautiful you are." Very nice. Love my family.

Anyhoo, it was a surprisingly pleasant day, despite the fact that I came out of the gym to find my tire flat. I feel exhausted, but happy.

So, how are YOU?

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