Sunday, April 12, 2009

Post-Cheat Yuckies

Oh wow. I feel soooooo yucky. An intentional yucky, because it gets me so amped for extreme clean eating, which is what's on tap for the coming weeks.

I don't feel a need to go into details. Suffice it to say that I indulged in some organic iced brownies that I made, as well as much of the Easter dinner that my mother and sister-in-law made. I also blew off my workout today - I was sooooo tired. (Probably a carb coma.) Anyway, it's okay - I just will take today as my free day.

Tony sent me my extreme plan for the coming weeks. Not sure how long I'm gonna be on it, but you know what? I AM READY. I am so thrilled to be on an extreme plan again. Also, I made the mistake of trying proactiv and now my skin is ALL jacked up again. I'm back on my natural healthy skin care, so I'm sure that my skin will be getting nice and clean and clear just as I'm sliding into the 150s. I am THRILLED, PSYCHED, MORE COMMITTED THAN EVER!

Of course, I suppose that's easy to say as my stomach lays before me, dystended from all the stuff I ate this weekend. Talk to me in three days when I'm faint from lack of food. Remind me of how amped and eager I was to get on a clean eating plan.

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Carolyn said...

Hey girl! Well even though you had your cheat, it looks like you are down another pound! I had a cheat meal yesterday too and I'm back to eating clean today along with taking some dandylion root to get rid of some of the water weight I put on last night. :) I'm sure you are going to kick it with the extreme diet that Tony put you on. You have the determination and focused. No go get it girl! :) You're doing a Great job so far!