Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I can't get traction.... but I try, and I try.. and I try, and I try...

So, my middle daughter has been home the past couple of days with some weird virus, and I have been doing Tony's extreme clean dieting. I'm determined to lose 15 pounds by the official start of summer. That would put me right around 150 pounds, which would be perfect. My first goal is to be under 160 by the end of April, then under 155 by the end of May. That gives me most of June to lose the last five. Reasonable, no?

I've been so tired lately. It's hard to really understand why, since I am not traditionally working these days, but I have been auditioning a lot and meeting with folks about new projects. I guess my little brain is just tired from doing the mom thing and the hustle thing.

I guess I'll go take a nap now. More tomorrow!

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