Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 1 of My Recommitment

So, today went very, very well. I am SOOOO proud of myself:

M1 (8 am): ½ c egg whites, plain, oatmeal w/1 T flax oil and ¼ c sugar free syrup
Chest workout
M2 (11 am) Myoplex shake w/glutamine
M3 (3 pm) 2 oz deli turkey, 1 slice veggie slice cheese
M4 (6:30 pm) 6 oz flounder/sole, 1 c cauliflower, 2 c salad w/lite balsamic dressing, tomatoes and onions
M5 (8:30 pm) Whey protein shake w/2 T sf fat free pudding powder

The only bad part is that I didn't eat nearly enough calories. Just shy of 1,100 calories. What's up with that?? Tony??? Can I get a decent calorie range, please? Training for a 10-mile run over here! Hello???


Tina said... wheres meal 6 and Tony is always hammering in my head I need to eat every 2-2.5 hours ??? As far as the race...I wouldn't worry about your interval training keep pushing the speeds on the runs and you will not only get fast you will lean right out...and you'll have the best legs ever...I promise. Intervals Tony style = fabulous legs!!! That's just my thoughts...of course Tony's the boss :) Once you think you can't run faster...think again...keep pushing it :)

Liimu said...

Hey Tina,
Thanks for the advice! I'm sticking closer to Tony than he'd probably like. He said I'll rknow I'm not getting enough to eat if I'm hungry, so I'm not worried. As for the running, Tony knows I am first and foremost a distance runner, so the sprints are great (I run my fastest intervals at 10.0) but I run a 10 mile race and half marathon every year, so he is working with me on that.

Thanks again! I'll keep you guys posted!

Melissa H said...

@ Tina: I don't think she was referring to getting thin or fast legs. A 10 mile race requires calories. Period. And, the training runs require them, too. Or, you'll bonk.

Lii - I'm working on finding a balance for this myself and have actually emailed Tosca Reno. I'll let you know what she says when I get a reply.