Sunday, April 5, 2009

Going through a rough patch...

ARGH - I just wrote a whole, long post and lost the WHOLE THING. Now I have to get the girls to bed.

Here's the basic gist. This is getting frigging ridiculous. I have been running miles, for hours, on top of Tony's regular workouts. My food has been clean. Today I ran SIX miles, then did Tony's ab workout with a half hour on the elliptical. Maybe it's those stupid protein bars. Maybe it's my hormones (I still have my period), but the deal is that I am 169.8 tonight. And please don't tell me to stay off the scale. That's not the point. I know it goes up, goes down, etc. etc. I also know that it is REALLY HARD to stay the course when you feel like you're not making progress. People are saying I'm looking thinner than ever, and I know I'm working hard. I'm so proud that I made it through the Easter Egg hunt without eating a SINGLE BITE of anything unauthorized. I did have popcorn. And like I said, I've been having those stupid protein bars. But other than that, I have been right on target. So, what? Is my body just not wanting to let go of this weight because I haven't been below 160 since before I got married in 2001? Am I consuming more calories than I thought? Am I overtraining? Am I just impatient?

I don't know, but the truth is that I have no choice but to hang in there and find out. Well, I do have a choice but that choice sucks. I will NOT go back to where I was, so all I can do is to keep trying to move forward. I WILL see 158 before my birthday.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.


Health Girl said...

Its probably hormones and maybe the protein bars. I am totally with you. Protein bars stalled me out. Eating whole foods more than shakes and bars help me break through. Also- hormones are a B. You know that. I know you needed to vent. :)

Just because it seems important to mention- my word verification: blesses .

Hang in there girl. And I have to ask because you never answered before- does Tony know how MUCH extra cardio you are putting in? Sometimes too much can raise your cortisol levels and you won't make progress.
Check out the articles on this pae:

Tearose said...

hey girl,
Some things to look at. I know several people who say that they started losing weight when they got off the protein bars, there is a lot of sugar and if not sugar, fat, in those bars, yeah I know it suck, I am always looking at them hoping to find one I can have, no luck though. They are better then nothing in a pinch, but only very rarely.

If you are following Tony's meal plans to the T and getting your workouts in and drinking your water, you WILL get leaner. Sometimes it takes the scale a bit to catch up. But you did say that people are saying your looking leaner then ever, how are our clothes fitting? What about your measurements, the scale is only one way of measuring. My weight went up 18 freaking lbs and I am still over 130 yet my clothes are fitting the same as when I was 125?

Ask Tony about all that extra cardio, I was told that sometimes your will hold more water in your muscles when doing a lot of cardio which makes the scale go up.

I understand your frustration truly, it doesn't matter what you know logically when that scale doesn't move it messes with your head and makes you second guess everything.

Hang in there girl!