Monday, March 2, 2009

My Snow Day

Snow is still falling here in PA, and I was one of about a half dozen people who went to the gym, anyway. I mean, really - why not? If I were still binge eating, I would certainly have trekked out to get to the Wawa or Whole Foods to get my stash. Why wouldn't I trek the 10 minutes over to the gym, especially since they were kind enough to have people manning the Kid Care?

I'm so glad I did, too, because it was an awesome workout. I ran 10 minutes at 5.0 mph, then went on to do legs. First, I did Olympic squats, and did 6 reps with 125 pounds (including the weight of the bar). A personal record. Then, on to another personal record - I did a set of 6 reps leg presses at 430 pounds!!! 500 pounds, here we come! Then, my hip was hurting me so my Smith squats were pretty lame (we don't have a hack squat machine at our gym) and then on to burning leg extensions and curls, and then calf raises. No step ups, thank GOD. Then, I decided to take advantage of the 2-hour babysitting and run for a half hour, despite the fact that my legs were burning. So, that was a good workout!

The girls are all home from school and I'm here listening to my two-year old snore, trying to catch up on blog posts and my novel. I haven't written in days. Plus, I have to edit and post the latest radio show for Beyond the Stuff. Thank goodness I'm not working right now! Although I did have a conversation about some potential work coming up in a week or two, so that means JAMAICA IN APRIL!! WOO HOO!

OK, I guess that's all for now. I did hit 162.8 last week, so that was cool. I had a KILLER cheat on Saturday night (after I took hubby to the Philly Tattoo Convention), so I'm back up to 164.8 today. Once I lose the water weight, I suppose I can take some progress photos. I'd really like to wait until I hit 159, if I'm being honest. And anyway, I posted a recent pic, remember? On date night, Valentine's Day? In case you forgot, here it is again, side by side with my BEFORE shot.


April said...

You're doing great Liimu! 150's are almost here! Once you're over the hump you'll be talking about the 140's!!!! Keep it up, your body is burning more than ever after that cheat...stay clean!

MilesPerHour said...

Love your commitment! Every day you get closer to your goals when you work it.

Britishlady said...

Hey girlie!
Awesome progress. I can see changes all over- from head to toe. You go girl!!!!! Keep it'll be in the 150s before you know it