Sunday, March 15, 2009

I promised ... and I'm delivering... PROGRESS PICS!

So, Tony and I talked yesterday and it's official...I'm preparing for competition!!! Tony said that in order to decide when I'll be ready, he has to see progress pics. So, I had to take progress pics. Figured I might as well share them with my supportive community! I'm hoping that he thinks I'll be ready by September or October. There's a show in Southern California I'd love to do.

Anyway, I have to say that I'm much happier about this set of progress pics than I have been in the past. One small confession - I did suck in my gut for this side shot this time. But I was really happy to see that I'm almost ready to be in a bikini. I will definitely be bikini ready by the summer. I'm supporting hubby with a 12-week BFL challenge for the next 12 weeks. We do this thing where we each have a jar and if we stick to the plan for the day, we get to put a dollar in our own jar. If we don't, we have to put the dollar in the other person's jar. Tee hee!

Oh, and one last thing - my waist is FINALLY under 30 inches! 29.5 inches! YAY! And bodyfat under 30 percent! 27 percent! Yee ha! Next goal is to have bodyfat under 20 percent! I'm so excited for that!!


Marissa said...

great job! Looking good!! Congrats on setting a comp date!

MilesPerHour said...

Way to go! It just shows you what commitment can do for a person.

Carolyn said...

Liimu you look GREAT!!!! Wow! And you're going to compete??? Girl, I can't wait until I am ready to do the same thing! :)

fran said...

Liimu, you look amazing. I am in awe of you!