Friday, March 20, 2009

I feel weird...

After a hugely productive day yesterday, I have had a total BLAH day today. Another liquid diet day today (the third this week) and despite that, I'm still hovering around 164 pounds, which is SO frustrating. I'm so hungry and so tired and so bored with the way I'm eating.

OK - enough complaining. Here's the good stuff. I had a great workout this morning (ran the 10 minutes before and after my strength training) and ate clean today. I just gotta hold on and get through this. Oh, and I did the weight loss MP3 Tony sent me this afternoon, so at least I still have willingness.

I tried to write. I really did. But I just couldn't get my groove on. Monday is another day. And hey, I didn't ask to be out of work. So, don't hate me because I'm beautiful and unemployed. :) I'm just making lemons out of lemonade.

I'm saying prayers that I get through the rest of this day without succumbing to the temptation that seems every weekend to always start sliding up and around me and into my spirit like a slithering snake. Every weekend it happens, like clockwork. So, I'm beating it off with a stick, but maybe I need to just let it settle around my shoulders and just hang there, like one of those sexy snake ladies and not worry about it. Can you tell I'm delirious from hunger? *sigh*

I'm done. Just wanted to check in.


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