Sunday, March 22, 2009


Thanks for all your comments and your encouragement.

Actually, your words - all of you - helped more than you can possibly know. They helped me to press on, even though it is sometimes a struggle. They help me to know I'm not alone, and most of all, they give me hope and encouragement that if I keep going, just keep moving forward, I will eventually reach my goals. Of course, then I will set new goals, even higher. It's just what I do! Point in case - my original goal was 159. Now that I'm within 5 pounds, it's 145. Go figure.

Anyway, thanks - I'm still in the game. Today and yesterday were clean, albeit full of a little more food than I probably needed. But I didn't eat the pizza, chicken wings, cookies and pretzels my family was eating ALL DAY LONG. So, that's a huge win today. 150s, you are MINE!

Oh - and today was a KILLER workout day - 5 mile run in the morning, followed by an hour long tricep workout (with a 5.5 mph run at the end, just for kicks and giggles).


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Tina said...

Of course you are recreating Liimu Dreambodies style :)
BTW...Way to reach out I love all of the responses you got, you are making us all think, you are not alone :) Were here for you...but as Stacey said you have to want it...and on those days you forget how bad you want it... you have to put the emotions in there place and go through the motions and do everything it takes to get that fire's your dreams, they're worth it and like I told you in the's just minute it's there, the next minute you eat it...and then you want more and more and you crave and much easier to say forget it!! It's not about the food anyway...really it never is!