Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yoga Pants are for YOGA.

I haven't been an athlete all my life. Truth is, before 2005, I had never run a race longer than a 5K. Of course, by the end of 2005 I had run a marathon, and my life (and I) were changed forever. I have been an avid runner since then, but still am a sort of scrappy, slow learner when it comes to the etiquette and habits that seem to come as second nature to lifelong athletes.

Take apparel, for instance.

Last November, I was the only one of my running group, Moms in Motion, to register in time for the half-marathon. Even if the other ladies had run in time, it wouldn't have helped my apparel confusion. I parked my van and noticed the temperature had still not risen about 20 degrees, though the sun was shining brightly. I had underdressed, thinking back to the last time I'd run that course (the year of the marathon), when the temperature had risen to over 50 degrees by the end of the race and I'd been sweaty and hot, regretting I hadn't worn disposable clothing, like the lifelong runners that had raced that day. On this day, I was regretting I hadn't a single pair of gloves or hat in my glove compartment. How could I have a glove compartment stuffed with everything but gloves?

I knew it was going to be a long, cold run and if I didn't figure something out, I was going to end up with a nasty case of frostbite. I scrounged around the back of my mom-mobile and found a pair of those teeny gloves that stretch to three times their size, and a pink ski cap with a Super S on the front. I felt like a Superwoman for not using the cold as an excuse to turn back around and head for my nice warm bed, so it was an appropriate choice. Yet and still, I was so cold, I was still shaking with chill a half hour after my hot, post-run shower.

You'd think I'd learn about preparedness and the importance of appropriate running gear. Unfortunately not.

I just have to say I'm sorry, very, very sorry, to all the people at the Aquatic & Fitness Center in Jenkintown, PA who had to see me running in yoga pants today. They are probably a little too large and, well, yoga pants just don't have the fitted waistband that's needed when you have a butt like mine, pulling them down, begging for more fabric to surround it. By the time I was done my last 30 second interval today (10 miles per hour, I might add), my still flabby tummy was flapping in the breeze over the edge of my yoga (not running) pants.

I did get to TJ Maxx today to get a couple new pairs of running pants. I'd never want to burn that image on anyone else's retinas again. I look good and all, but six-pack abs I do not yet have. So, nice tight running pants for me from now on.

We'll save the yoga pants for yoga.


Tearose said...

omg thats has happened to me with the yoga pants, my solution? Buy tight fitting LONG tank tops, they hold the pants up! :D Oh and underwear that keep the tummy in place those boy short styles are great lol, I would like to get some real running type pants but all my money goes to supplements and food lol.

Britishlady said...

Love this post..made me laugh because this has happened to me before! Glad you made the investment in running pants.. so at least you won't be distracted anymore. Don't worry..your abs will be the way you want them to be in no time!

Anonymous said...

I am so LMAO at this post cause like Tearose...been there done that! The thing is I keep doing it cause yogo pants look awesome! Plus they are deceiving cause when you first put them on they feel tight enough to withstand any movement and it is only in the midst of running that you realize yet again how wrong you really are...lmao!!

Tina said...

LMAO....I too have done that...once I was out trail running for my last contest prep...I could not keep my pants from falling I took the hair band out of my hair to scrunch up the back of the pants and banded them with it...I looked like peter cottontail....running down the bunny trail...needless to say a male runner passed me on that trail...I'm sure I made him laugh for a mile or two :) But all did he know he missed the part where pants had fallen around my ankles :) Good times! Glad you got some new pants :)

Britishlady said...

Where have you been??? It's been like four days since you last posted..that's a lot for you :)

Hope ur ok chica.
Um, also I think it's time for you to post side by side progress pics :)

Liimu said...

Dang - have I become one of those women? With followers? YAY! I'll get on it right now. I'm due for a Beyond the Stuff blog post, too. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone. (Such a violent and politically incorrect saying, isn't it?)