Sunday, February 1, 2009

I want a redo.

I had an idea when I was in the shower this evening, and I have to admit, I'm pretty excited about it.

There have been a bunch of Tony's divas who have come back after a hiatus of sorts and are all on fire with renewed commitment, renewed fire, renewed energy. I WANT THAT. So, I'm going to start over. Tomorrow, I'm going to post starting weight, starting measurements, new goals, new dreambodies, new plan (Tony's plan, of course).

I think I've become a little complacent because I've been comparing myself to where I came from. I need to get my eyes focused on where I'm going - 150. That's the goal. That's where I'm headed, and I'm about to take that 20 DOWN.

Watch me, girls. Diva Liimu is BACK.


Anonymous said...

Thata girl! Kick some royal booty!!

Danielle (Bella) said...

I've certainly been there, and you CAN re-light that fire!! Go for it and lean on us! (Lord knows I couldn't do it without this amazing group of bloggers!!)

rockstarmom said...

Hold my hand and let's DO THIS!!

Tina said...