Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 2... Hello Hunger!

My old friend...haven't seen you in awhile. How ya been?

Honestly, I haven't been really hungry for any length of time in months. And today? I was pretty much hungry all day. I mean, REALLY hungry. Like, I think I'm gonna be sick hunger. This liquid diet stuff is for the ... REAL WOMEN! It's FUN! I love it!! It's awesome! I feel myself getting thinner by the second!

Anyway, today was fine. I rocked it in the gym:

Leg presses with 410 POUNDS!!

And I stuck to the liquid diet. Who knew an apple could taste so good? I cannot WAIT for breakfast tomorrow. I think I will be eating it at 6:30 am. The most difficult part of the day is here - DINNERTIME.

Pray for me.

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