Friday, February 13, 2009

Staying the course...

I cannot believe I've been dancing around 170 for the past three months. I'm telling you guys, I have been really pushing hard this week, my TOM is over, and I really thought I would finally see the other side of 165. NOT. 167.4, again.

Yesterday, I was going to workout in the morning, and then I realized I hadn't finished the Valentine's for my kids and my two younger daughters had their Valentine's Day parties, where the valentines would be exchanged! And my older daughter has a long weekend (Friday and Monday off) so I had to get them done. I spent the first hour of the day getting them done. No workout in the morning. No worries, I'd pick my oldest daughter up and go to the gym with her. EXCEPT that at 12 noon, my youngest daughter's school called and she was being sent home sick. So much for that plan. I called my husband and told him how important it was for me to get my workout in. I told him I'd be taking the older two to the gym, they'd have dinner there, and he could stay home with the baby (he wasn't planning to workout anyway).

At the gym, I had a leg workout planned. On the way over, I decided I wasn't going to kill myself with those stupid step-up leg lifts. Of course, when I got there, I got in the flow. I used the highest step in the gym (higher than even the flat bench), and did a set of 20 step ups (that's 20 on each side, mind you) with a 12-lb dumbbell, then a set of 15 and a set of 12 with a 15-lb dumbbell, and finally a set of 12 with a 20-lb dumbbell. Plus, I did leg presses, and did my final set of 6 with 360 pounds!!! I was literally shaking on my way home. I got home at 8 pm and had a myoplex shake, then had an apple and a cup of sugar-free cocoa and went to bed.

So, is it any wonder I was disappointed to see no movement on the scale? I WANT TO BE IN THE 140s by this summer. I will, I will, I will. I want to grace the covers of fitness magazines. I want to be an inspiration to everyone who sees me.

That's my vision. I will hold on until I see it. I cleared my Valentines' Day dinner with Tony. Not gonna have a cheat, but I will have a half seafood clay pot, which has jasmine rice. Yummy. I'm not going to have a full on cheat until maybe March.

Later, guys. That's my rambling for today.

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Anna with Revolution said...

When I experience this, I find that nearly 100% of the time, if I dont get discouraged and stay hard core for another 2 days, the scale FLYS down. I think the water in the muscles from repair is skewing that scale. Hydrate, eat clean, stick with it.