Friday, February 6, 2009

Do hormones make you slow?

So, I have an interesting question for those of you who are runners.

Do you find it harder to run when that time of the month arrives?

I've been posting about how well my running has been going - ran 3.5 miles in 35 minutes, which is an absolute record for me (my goal is to run the 10 mile Broad Street Run at an average pace of 6 mph the first Sunday in May). I was slowing down mid-month last month, and pushed myself to start running 6.0 mph again towards the end of the month. It was actually getting easy, comfortable to run at that pace! Enter, PMS - I'm now finding it a struggle to run even 5.5 mph. Is it possible that I get slower as a result of PMS?

I know PMS is upon me - I feel the salt and chocolate cravings sliding over me like The Blob. I'm not giving in and tossing the towel - will use the Tony-approved ways to deal with those cravings and will continue to hit it as hard as I can in the gym. I have been pretty much steady at this weight since 11/4/08. I know that's not something to beat myself up about - in past years, I would have easily gained 7-10 pounds over the holidays, and I stayed steady. But the holidays are TOTALLY over and I'm ready to see some movement on the scale. I'm ready to see the 150s! This is significant! The last time I weighed 158 pounds was on my wedding day, before I had ANY children at all. It was my WW goal for the past 8 years. Now I have adjusted my goal to 148, personally, but it still is significant that my next big milestone has so much meaning for me. So, my eyes are ON that prize and I am READY to see the 150s!! WOO HOO!

OK, enough from me. Any thoughts on the hormonal treadmill slump?

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Health Girl said...

I have had numerous yoga teachers say that during that time, many women have less balance. I'd not be surprised at all. Here is what I found for you... looks like yes?