Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 1 of Overdrive...DONE!

Wow, wild. I actually made it through Day 1 of Tony's Brutal Boot Camp. Here's how it went down:

7:30 am - woke up, had coffee, apple (starving after last night's carbfest)

8 am - ran 4 miles with friends, felt GREAT

8:30 am - got message from Tony with food plans - wha wha WHAT? liquid diet every other day? Yikes! drank whey protein shake

10 am - 4 page Tony workout - took me an hour and 20 minutes, and still had to cut final cardio to 5 minutes (from 15). Ugh.

12:30 pm - Myoplex shake w/glutamine

1:00 pm - egg whites, plain (sob! sniff!) and oatmeal w/splenda and flax oil (ok and a little bit of sf syrup)

3:30 pm - whey protein shake

6 pm - 4 oz ground turkey w/ff cheddar, onions, mushrooms, steamed asparagus, salad w/tomatoes and lite dressing

7 pm - carb control yogurt w/1/2 t. oatmeal, protein powder, 8 frozen blueberries, diet cocoa (25 cal)

9 pm - Myoplex lite

OK, so not perfect, but WOW...I am proud of myself. Tomorrow's the liquid diet. Good thing I like Myoplex. I'll keep you all posted on my progress. I feel myself in the 150s by the beginning of March.

Did I mention that I've been chasing the 150s since my wedding day 7.5 years ago?


Tearose said...

Keep picturing the 150's in your mind girl You WILL GET THERE! I was trying to get into the 180's for 2 years lol, how sad that sounds but true, thats why I hired Tony, couldn't get below 190. Woot now I am 129!! See It, Believe It, Achieve It! Can't wait to see your progress!

Tina said...

You go girl!! Your gonna get there I just know it :)