Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 3...seeing some changes

I was able to slide on my size 10 jeans. That's exciting. I'll be glad in a few weeks when they fit comfortably, but I'll take what I can get.

I have to tell you guys, I've faced more than my share of disappointment this week and my stupid head is working on me, telling me that this or that food will make me feel better. I know it's a LIE. Getting to competition size will make me feel better, will make me feel invincible. I'm staying the course. I lost my engagement ring ... so what? I'll have another one some day - hell, maybe I'll even upgrade. So what one of my contracts fell through. I'll have another one of those, too - a bigger one (sense a theme developing?). So what the workshop I've been looking forward to for months was cancelled? I'm still gonna write my novel. I'm gonna begin this weekend, just as I had planned. (And please say prayers for Alisa Valdez-Rodriguez, who is suffering from some health issues that led to the workshop being postponed.)

The Universe, God, Higher Power, whatever you want to call it has the Plan. Not me. And I just have to keep showing up and keep doing the best I can with what I've been given. Which brings us back to Tony's plan.

I ROCKED it today. One plus about the workshop being postponed - it will be much easier to stick to Tony's boot camp. I have to admit that I really am quite hungry. Pretty much all the time. But Tony assured me this hardcore plan is only for 2-3 weeks, and I'm already half way through week 1. And the extra super cool part of it all is that I really do think that when I'm done with this, I will be under 160 pounds. FINALLY.

Take care, y'all. And say prayers that I can stay focused. If things happen in threes, at least I can take comfort in the fact that the three bad things have happened, and now things can start to be good again, right?


Thank you. Right.

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