Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 2 Update

Let me start by saying, I ROCK.

Today's workout started with a 10 min at run at 5.5 mph. Then, it was on to a chest CRIT, where I did dumbbell presses with THIRTY POUND DUMBBELLS! Yee HA! Sprinkled in there were my cardio bursts, which I did at 6.0 mph for the first minute, then 30 second intervals - 6.5 mph, 7.5 mph, 8.5 mph and 9.5 mph!! I added some cardio onto the end, and ended up running 3.5 miles in 35 minutes!! Wow. I cannot believe I am running a 6.0 mph pace, consistently!

I was down to 170 this morning and I KNOW I will see the 150s soon - maybe even by March 1. My moms running group starts soon and the extra running can only help my situation. :)

I love the fact that I'm starting over with a renewed energy and a stoked fire. I look in the mirror at the gym and imagine myself at the gym in the spring and summer with the same little racerback tanks I see the other fitness mamas wearing. That will be me, with a muscular back, sinewy arms, and sculpted abs. I was even trying to imagine what bottoms I will wear - probably capri leggings and biker shorts.

Bring on the Spring!!!


Britishlady said...

Hey girlie!
It's been a long time, but it seems as if we're at the same place. I fell off the wagon (check out my post) and now I'm back baby!
I love your fire and excitement about your results...you go girl. I dream of the same things...wearing those racer backs. I love the way they look on others but a can't bring myself to wear them now because of the unslightly back fat...can't wait to get rid of that for good!

BTW..what are sinewy arms????

Well done on your running today...you're awesome!!!!
Talk soon

Anonymous said...

GO GIRL GO!!! YES! Come Spring you WILL be sportin' those tops!

April said...

Woo love the attitude!!! With that enthusiasm you WILL see 150's and be in the dressing rooms crying, calling Tony, trust me...we've all been there :)