Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why am I still awake???

So, I wasn't going to blog but then figured I might as well include here the update I just sent to Tony...

I was up late working tonight (as you can see) and have to be at a client site all day tomorrow, then have to take my middle girl to ballet at 5 pm. I say all that to say that I may not make it to the gym tomorrow, and so tomorrow would be my rest day and the workouts would be pushed a day. Not sure, though – I prepped my hubby that I may decide to go to the gym after the kids go to bed at 8 pm. It’s so hard to tell whether I’ll have the energy.

I was exhausted all during today’s workout. I pushed myself to the limit (calf raises with 130 pounds), but couldn’t squeeze out more than a mediocre walk for the cardio. Not sure if its just because I’ve been pushing the cardio so hard for the past few days. Anyway, prayers are being said that tomorrow I’ll have the energy to get my workout in after the girls go to bed. I’d rather not take my rest day this early in the week.

In general, though, I’m feeling great. Over the hump that was most likely hormonal and the reaction to the first PMS experience since we started this whole process. Plus, your prayers and thoughts WORKED! I am actually being productive again and finally ahead of schedule on all my projects. Wee ha!!

(Let's just hope all the reviews that come in on my deliverables are favorable with minimal or no changes.)

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Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you on ALL counts!