Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why don't I see it??

OK - the first set of pics were taken with my computer camera and the second set of pics were taken by my husband at an entirely different angle, but why don't I see much difference? I AM IN MY DIVA JEANS! I've lost 15 pounds! I'm 2 pounds away from my lowest weight since 2005. What the hell is going on that for some reason, I look the same to me in these pics? I definitely see the difference when I look in the mirror. Well, I'll let you judge for yourself. I'm not even going to include the back shots because the pose is so different, I think I actually look better in the "before" shots. Anyway, here's the side shot.

Maybe it doesn't matter, since I know I'll see a difference in the next set of photos. But why, oh why does my mind always play tricks on me???


rockstarmom said...

First..of course there is a it a total body makeover difference, NO..that's why we do this for more than a month, right?? I can definitely see a change in your looks like things are starting to move around..your ribcage is getting smaller and more defined, legs look firmer, YOU are looking great and belong in those diva jeans!! Stick wit it girl!!

rockstarmom said...

Can totally see difference in your midsection..everyone loses weight different..your ribcase area looks MUCH narrower, your face looks slimmer, I see ab muscles starting!!
Pictures suck because unless you have a professional photographer taking them, they never come out the same!! Angles can make you look SO different..I hate taking pics!!
YOU ARE GORGEOUS and are only getting better..ROCK IT!

Melissa H said...

Know what? I'm not even going to *try* to compare these two pics because one is taken shooting UP and one is taken shooting DOWN. Consistency in the pictures is soooo key to seeing the difference. Play around with your camera on a chair/counter/stool, something. Get it at the right height. Take some new pictures tomorrow so that you have something neutral to compare them to when you take your next set. And, use a neutral background. I actually put my kitchen counter stool on top of my living room coffee table in order to get my pics! LOL
Don't focus on these (sorry) crappy pics! Focus on what you KNOW. You are getting healthy. You are developing a new lifestyle. You are in your Diva jeans. You know how many inches and pounds you have lost.

Keep on keepin' on....

Britishlady said...

I agree with's really hard to compare because these pics are taken from completely different angels. But, I will say I can see a change in your upper abs and your face for sure. You are doing amazing things, girl...I know that you will see the changes you're looking for when you take your next set of pics.

Work it miss Liimu!!!