Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So, SO WHAT? I am a rock star....

(To the tune of "So What" by Pink...)

So, so what? I am a rock star...I got my food plan, and I will show you
Guess what? I'm having more fun, and soon as I'm done, I'm gonna show you tonight...
I'm all right, I'm just fine, I broke the rules, so, so what?
I am a rock star, I got my workout...and I will show you tonight!

So, wow...the Phillies won. First time in 25 years. I really wish I gave the slightest rat's behind about baseball. My husband's happy. I said to him, well, maybe Obama will win on Tuesday and you can get back to the gym. (He swears there is just too much on television, between the Phillies in the World Series and Obama running for President, it's completely messing up his gym schedule. And I'll bet you thought you'd heard every excuse.)

My saga continues, but I am happy to report I made it to the gym today.

This morning, I took my 6 year old to the pediatric dentist. Two and a half hours and $800 later, she had endured a tooth extraction, a metal spacer and two crowns. I kept her home with me for the day because she was really rattled from it all, understandably so. We have to go back in a couple weeks, but I think the worst is over.

My workout at the gym was pretty good. I had hoped to have the mojo for Monday and Tuesday's workouts, but for anyone who has done a Tony workout, you can imagine how busted I was after just Monday's workout. I did push out 2 miles on the treadmill, which I'm pretty happy about - and in under 22 minutes, I might add.

Finally, I'm happy to report that I've sort of caught up on work. I'm not hitting it out of the park or anything, but I'm reasonably ready for tomorrow's client meeting, so I guess I should be happy with that.

Here's the thing...I was sitting on the floor of an unused dance studio in the gym yesterday, in tears to my sponsor, explaining to her how out of control I was feeling, when she reminded me that there was a Power greater than me that was ensuring that the Earth would keep spinning on its axis, regardless of what I did or didn't do. Being reminded that there is a God (and it isn't me) gave me such a sense of relief. I may not knock this (or any) project out of the proverbial park (hmm...what's with all the sudden baseball references, Miss non-Baseball Fan? What's that scampering, leaping sound? Could that be the sound of me jumping on someone's bandwagon? Nah...never...), but I don't have to flagellate myself for not being able to knock it out of the park, either. No one expects more than the best I can give. So, if I just give that, every day - to my kids, to Tony and his Program, to Recovery, to work - then I can lay my head down at night and rest assured that I'm doing all I'm supposed to do and God WILL take care of the rest.

160s, here we come!!!

Take care, everyone. Yay, Phillies!!!

Love, Liimu

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