Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to life...

...back to reality...back to the here and now...YEAH!

I love my life. It wasn't actually that hard to come back to, though that is NO indication of what a ROCKIN' time I had, to use Paula's word. Wowsee wow. I had no idea I was going to have that much fun. I'm already planning when I can go back - this time with the kids and hubby. They would love it!

Yesterday, I got up earlier than I had even planned and met the Power Walk group down in the gym so that I could get an idea of where a good running trail would be. I shrugged off their offer of bottled water, as I hate running with water and's only a 3.5 mile hard can it be? Well, let me put it to you this way: there were several hills that were so steep, I almost found myself on my hands and knees trying to claw my way up. I won't sit here and try to tell you that I ran the whole thing, but I only walked up those big fat hills and basically ran the rest. And anyway, I still ran the five miles I committed to in an hour and three minutes, which is just a few minutes slower than my average pace.

I did most of the ab exercises Tony assigned to me, though I have to admit (not sure if anyone else has had this experience...feel free to share if you have) that I sometimes wonder if he hasn't gotten me mixed up with someone else - Tina, or Evelyn perhaps. Some seasoned competitive fitness chick. Because I am nowhere near being able to do 4 sets of crunches - 25, 35, 45, and 50 and the launch into planks and trunk and curls, and bicycles and all the other crap he puts on there. I'm sincerely hoping he's just putting on there the absolute most I could possible do, knowing that I won't be able to push out half of it. I swear, I was near tears. I was also starting to feel the beginnings of menstrual cramps (I think...I hope...) but that's another story.

So, after my killer workout, I went and had my cheat meal - breakfast this time - and thoroughly enjoyed it - french toast AND a bagel with cream cheese. YEAH baby. Then it was off to waterskiing, only to find out that they had deemed the waters too choppy for waterskiing, so my girlfriend (who also happens to be a lawyer) negotiated getting us a two-for-one parasailing deal. Well, I didn't have time to really think this new plan through, especially not the part where we were tossed around in a little boat on our way to our parasailing takeoff spot. By the time we got there, I was literally green in the face. Well, you know how this story ends...with me, 10,000 feet in the air, trying desperately to puke off to one side so I don't shower my friend (or the people below us) with puke.

Anyway, that was pretty gross, but hey - I can now say I have parasailed! Parasailed till I puked, in fact! How's that for partying hardy? After my parasailing fiasco, I drank a club soda and got a nice 80 minute aromatherapy massage and had an uneventful trip home.

Today was difficult - I still felt like I was sitting on a boat all day - woozy and dizzy - and I'm super tired. I'm gonna wrap this up soon, in fact. I had intended to go to bed over an hour ago. I did make it to the gym today, though some of the spring was definitely missing from my step. I was back up to 180.4 this morning - not surprising. Aunt Flow is due any day.

So, that's my story. I'm glad to be home! I hope you're all doing well and staying in the game!

Lots of love,


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Melissa H said...

Just one more reason why I would never parasail (well... that and the fact that I'm petrified of heights! LOL)
Got the Soul II Soul reference. I wonder who else will? :-)