Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The HorMonster messes with your HEAD.

Ugh. I'm so tired, but I feel like I really need to post.

First, I have to say that I had an epiphany (sp?) recently. I was feeling so bad about the fact that I had let my little Self-Help book (it's called Truth) fall to the wayside. It is basically a reality book, a true-life chronicling of how I have completely turned my life around over the last 15 months. It will be finished when I get to goal. I have transformed my career, my marriage, my personal life and my physical self is last. It's working, I am close (30 pounds to go....) Anyway, I decided that I can copy these blog posts from the past few months into my book - I've been writing all along!

OK, so what's going on with me? Here's the weird thing. My period did finally come (yay!) and my weight hasn't actually gone up at all. But I feel bloated and disgusting. My clothes fit the same way, but I feel like my waist is moutainous. Essentially, nothing has changed, but I feel like EVERYTHING has changed.

Oh, and I have a confession...remember how I told you guys how I struggle with the protein brownies? How they're not really safe for me because I can't eat just one serving? Well, I bought them again. I justified to myself that I had them twice before and I've still lost weight, so I should be able to have them and still lose weight. Maybe it will just be a TOM treat.

Anyway, I'm exhausted. Had a tough workout, even though I felt like I was falling asleep. Back, abs and cardio. I ran 2 miles in 21 minutes. My girls I'm running the 1/2 marathon with didn't register in time, so it looks like I'll be running it by myself.

I'm not gonna be doing anything, though, anytime soon if I don't go to sleep. Gonna dream about getting to my next goal...169. I haven't been in the 160s since the year I ran the marathon...2005. I haven't been in the 150s since the year I got married! Exciting goals to achieve. Coming soon! Maybe I'll even be under 160 by Christmas!

Talk to you soon,


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Anonymous said...

Oh, I SOOOO know what you're talking about. Feeling it myself. Let's get this over with so we can FEEL better!