Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grateful for SO much...

So, I was just reading through some of the posts and came across an old post of Evelyne's that was about struggling with skin issues and going to the dermatologist with a heart full of hope. I have struggled with my skin for SO long, and finally a few months ago started to thank God for healing my skin. Every night, I thanked Him, and slowly answers started to come - someone recommended a liver flush, someone else recommended liquid chlorophyll as a supplement, I experimented and came up with a cleansing program that worked for me, my sister gave me a gift certificate for microdermabrasion (I'm going for my 4th treatment on Tuesday). As a result of all this and Tony's program of eating, my skin has gone improved dramatically (see below).

It's not perfect, but DANG! It's getting there. I can actually go out of the house without makeup. I can assure you that both sides of my face looked the same before and the improvement is equally dramatic on both sides. I had tried EVERYTHING - dermatologist's recommended prescriptions, eliminating dairy, eliminating chocolate, stringent skin care, WEEKLY facials, adn on and on - never touched my skin, bla bla bla. It was the Tony diet and the chlorophyll that finally made all the difference. I cannot believe it, but I am so grateful.

Today was a rest day. I always feel slightly off kilter on my rest days, because I don't know when to have my MRP, and I don't have that sense of accomplishment that I get from a really good workout day. That being said, tomorrow is a 6-mile run at 7:30 am with my running buddy (we're training for a 1/2 marathon next month), followed by an hour at the gym doing my Tony workout. Cannot wait! Plus, tomorrow it's 6 week pics - stay tuned!

I'm so psyched to do my pics. I really cannot wait. I was telling my husband today that I finally have the feeling when I catch sight of myself in the mirror that I LIKE what I see. I'll catch my reflection and think, wow - you look GREAT. And to think it only gets better from here!

I was running with a friend this morning and she asked me what my goal is with Tony. I said, "Probably around 145." (I currently weigh 182). She was like, "Really? Do you actually think you can ever get that small?" (She knows that I weighed 158 on my wedding day and looked very good - I wore a size 12 wedding dress.) I said, "You know - I don't know what I can accomplish, because I've never worked this hard before. But Tony thinks I can, so I think I can." I'm so glad that I believe that. I'm excited to actually see how small I can get! My husband and I were talking about next summer and the pool for some reason and I looked at him with a sly smile and said, "I'm going to be in a bikini next summer!" And he said, "Oh, good - maybe you can finally get tan all over!" Ha ha!

I'm so incredibly happy with my progress on so many levels - so happy with how my attitude and mindset have changed, so happy with how clear my skin is, and so happy with how my body looks. (I wore skinny jeans pair #2 today. I think I may go to Target tomorrow and secretly try on size 12 jeans. Just for kicks.) Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful support.

Much love,



B said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the book recommendation- I will check it out!

you look great!

April said...

You're proof that not only does clean eating help the body but the skin as well! This time next year I believe you aren't going to know yourself. Tony not only believes in you but us Dreambody Diva's do too! Looking back I would have never though I would be where I am at'll get there too :)

Melissa H said...

Wow, what a difference in your skin! That's awesome, Lii!