Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stupid dumba$$ protein brownies...

I feel disgusting. I didn't go off Program, but I did order and make and eat those #$*&#)!@-ing protein brownies again. I don't know what makes me give in, although I can tell you that I have been feeling a little high and mighty with all the weight I have lost over the past few weeks alone.

And now, here I am again - no man's land. Post-period slowdown. Last month, I plateaued for over a week when my period ended. I'm anticipating the same this month. But then, hopefully right in time for Halloween, maybe I'll see the other side of 170? How cool would it be to have 16 at the beginning of my weight? Oh man - I haven't seen that in YEARS AND YEARS.

Anyway, today was my 7 mile run and I did it, albeit VERY slowly. I ran with a friend who's about 8 feet tall, and she walked while I jogged. But I ran it and man are my quads singing right now. And I'm exhausted.

So, protein brownies or no, it was a good weekend. I went to a birthday party yesterday and did not have even a bite of a soft pretzel, ne'er a lick of icing off the 600 cupcakes the birthday girl's mom made.

This promises to be a challenging week. Tomorrow, we take Amelia to CHOP to get the casts put on her first leg (though now DH is saying he's not sure...and he waits until less than 24 hours before her appointment to tell me this). Then, on Thursday, I'm to facilitate a pilot session of the first training course I've delivered for a major client. Say a prayer for me.

OK, I'm falling asleep now. I really do have to call it a day. Later, everyone!


Britishlady said...

Hey Liimu!
Thanks for your comment on my pics..I can't wait to see your 12 week progress!!!!

Um, so yeah..I didn't know T allowed us to eat protein brownies. Were they good? What makes them "protein" brownies anyway?

Evelyne said...

Yeah, you're gonna have to give us the lowdown on these protein brownies you're talking about. He's never told me about them. Not that I NEED them or anything... ;)