Wednesday, November 5, 2008

HELP! I've fallen and I can't get up...

I'm struggling. There, I said it. I have seen it happen to so many others, and I'm not sure why I thought I was invincible. I'm definitely not.

Last week, I shared here about the drama with all my kids and their medical issues. My own troubles began when Tony gave me permission to have pizza on the night Amelia got carved up by the doctors at CHOP. For some reason, I found myself giving MYSELF permission to eat what I wanted for the rest of the week. On Tuesday night, we had a power outage and went out to dinner. I was eating off everyone's plates. Friday night, I went out to dinner with DH and again, gave myself permission to have WHITE bread, fried yams, everything but dessert. Then, we went down to my mother in law's (which is a trigger spot for me, anyway) and I gave myself Saturday night and Sunday. Ugh. So, yesterday I was like - ok, I'm back on track.

Was on track Monday and Tuesday and then today at dinner, here I go again....made oven fries for the girls and decided to throw some on my plate. ARGH! Why can't I get my mojo back? I'm stalled at 174.6 and if I keep up this attitude, I'll stay here FOREVER. I really want to get into the 160s. I haven't been there in over three years! How do I push through this and get there?



Evelyne said...

I SO wish I had some wise words of wisdom for you. I have fallen too and can't seem to claw my way back up. It all started with Halloween. Eating any and all the chocolate I could get my hands on, then eating pizza and subs and then Hubby brought home KFC and cookies and MORE chocolate for me. Ugh! I have goals I want to reach, yet it doesn't seem to matter when I'm heating up chocolate chip cookies in the microwave. Why can't I get it together? I know EXACTLY how you feel and I wish I knew the answer for you and I both. Call Tony, that's the only thing I can think of. He always knows just what to say and how to say it, to get you back on track. HUGS!

Tearose said...

God I hear ya, I am on the pizza Hut site right now, fighting with myself over what to do lol. send Tony a message letting him know how you are feeling, I just did that :s