Thursday, November 27, 2008

Can I puke now?

Tony gave me my Thanksgiving cheat meal and I feel like I am going to puke. Is it Friday yet? I feel like I may never eat again.

PS I saw 169.6 this morning. YAY, ME!


Anonymous said...

Oh!!! WOW!!! Congrats Liimu!!! How awesome! 150s here you come!!!

I 'celebrated' yesterday. Felt the same way. YUCK. I gotta get back on the clean wagon again. No ifs, ands or buttttts!!!!

Tearose said...

Congrats!!! Good job girl! Funny how those yummy meals make you so sick ay?

Geo said...

aww, I feel like that all the time with all this food to eat lol. and to top it all off when I took my flax oil last night i then had a shake and got omg so sick.. sat on the loo and threw up in a bucket. So atm there is no more flax oil for me, I have to change to fish oil tablets. hehe just think... it will pass... one day :P