Friday, July 24, 2009

TOM finally hit...

Seems like every month the same routine. A week or so before my TOM hits, my food gets all slippery, I'm craving everything in sight, I'm tired and cranky, and I start to think, "When will it get here? Wasn't it due already? Maybe I'm pregnant!" And then every month, I'm not. (And crazy loons that we are, hubby and I are both slightly disapponted that my anxiety has yet again proven to be unfounded.) I have to say that I am really glad it came this weekend, which means that for next week's showcase and triathlon, I will be in tip-top shape.

The good news is that for the first time in OVER six months, I got through it without gaining any weight. I kept my abstinence fairly well in place, which means I have hope to break through into the 150s. For REAL this time!

No big plans for this weekend - just hiking, working out and lounging by the pool. Should be a really nice weekend.

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Tina said...

Those sound like some Kick azz plans....and did you do those pics yet??? LOL Have a great weekend :) Don't let anything steal your fire, especially not stupid food, show it who's boss :)