Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clean enough?

So, it's hard to know if I'm ever really eating clean enough. I wish sometimes I had the patience to just weigh myself once a month or something, because sometimes I get really impatient with the way my hormones screw with what's happening on the scale.

And here's the deal, really: I'm eating SO 100% on target and my workouts have really been off the chain, not even talking about the extra cardio I've been doing in preparation for this weekend's triathlon. It's frustrating because as you guys may recall, I was down to 161.5 right before my daughter got sick, and then I gained THIRTEEN pounds in just three weeks. I've been trying to get back down ever since.

So, am I back on track and just need to be patient? Am I not eating enough and my body is now eating muscle like some experts would suggest? Am I eating too much? Should I refrain from having the occasional apple, berries, sweet potato, soy cheese?

Time will tell, and I will definitely tell you when I know what is going on with my body. Because I am GOING to get under 160, one way or another. THAT I guarantee.


Esme said...

Hi Liimu,

Welcome to the challenge!!! From they way you spell mom, I guess you're from the States. Where are you from? Es

Dawn said...

It seemed like it took me forever and a day to see the I am stuck between 154 and 158...WTF! All I want is to see the 140's....It's killing me. It's like the scale has fun teasing me. On the days I dread the scale its nice to me and the days I know it should be great it makes me wanna cry...let throw them out the