Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How am I doing? Well, I'll tell you...

I can see the 150s. I'm so close I can taste it. After years and years of gaining weight with pregnancies, or even just stress, I'm finally within spitting distance of what I weighed on my wedding day. Now, don't go getting all excited and overjoyed and all. I still have a ways to go before I consider myself "there." And from what I have heard, it is almost more difficult staying "there" than it is getting "there" in the first place. So, I no longer see my goals as a destination - more of a marker. Then the goal is to continue to navigate life and all it's trials, keeping my health and fitness as a top priority, even in the face of adversity.

Speaking of adversity, Tony asked for progress pics today. Sorry, folks, but I will not be posting these pics for you. I have decided that I will post progress pics online when I am down below 160. Then, and only then, will I unveil my progress for all to see (and comment on).

In the meantime, I am still working on making progress toward my other secret Dreambodies goal. I'm not yet ready to share it with you guys. Soon, my friends. Soon and very soon. Trust me when I say it is keeping me focused and on point.

Last but not least, can we talk for a second about the FATIGUE that goes along with serious exercise? I wake up all perky and happy, then I go hit the gym to do my DB workout and I feel like I've been hit over the head with a 2 x 4. Or, maybe more like I just got a Demerol shot. Either way, it ain't fun and it makes me feel like such a pansy. Like, I can't even go to the gym without being completely knocked on my behind with deep fatigue. I actually worried I was pregnant, people, before I read Tea's post about being so tired she has to take a nap every day now that she's working it hard again.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm not alone in this, but man - if anyone has any advice on how to combat this I'd really appreciate it!!

Lots of love,



Melissa H said...

You are kicking a$$ and taking names, girl. AWESOME. <3 <3

Dawn said...

I'm still trying to figure it out myself. I work until 11pm and then back up at 7am to get my workout in also in addition to trying to find time to make my meals and pack them up for my 10+ hrs a day at work.

I have 3 days off each week so I try to sleep in 2 of those 3 days.

Amy said...

I know what you mean about being tired, dead tired, bone tired, unbelievably tired. I'm working out every morning this summer and most afternoons, I am worthless. I guess that means it's working?
Good luck on your goals!

Tearose said...

lol his workouts do knock you on your ass. I actually ad a spaz attack last night because I was that tired and sore, nearly caved to the cake monster but didn't!! It does get easier... only just :P But the results are oh so worth it.
Keep going, you will be 150 soon!! When I followed Tony's plan to the T I could predict what I would weigh on a given date :)