Saturday, July 4, 2009

Celebrating FREEDOM!

Freedom from compulsive overeating! This morning, I was reading one of my daily meditation books, called "Food for Thought," and it talked about how Independence Day should not be a cause to gorge ourselves on high-carb and sugar-laden foods, but instead should be a day to celebrate our independence from needing those foods, our freedom from the insanity of the binge-starvation cycle we were stuck in for so long.

Today was great. GREAT! I didn't get to the gym (boo...hiss...) because I had to take my daughter back to CHOP to see if we had to get her cast changed since it got wet on Friday night (I know, I never ends). Fortunately, we didn't have to get it changed, but we did end up in the ER at CHOP all morning. But I ate CLEAN!!!! All day long, and that includes a stint in the ER and a barbecue at my next door neighbor's house! I wasn't entirely low carb, but I chose good, healthy options, and I ended with fruit. I am SO proud of myself.

So, tomorrow, everyone else is getting back on track, which makes it easier. And then it's Monday. For me, weekdays are always easier because I don't have my little ones in my face all day eating whatever they want, and I have more structure of the workday to keep me busy and keep my mind off food. Oh, and tomorrow I'm running 6 miles with my sister-in-law, who's in town, and then heading over to the gym.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful Independence Day. How are you celebrating YOUR freedom?


Melissa H said...

Keep it up! We can do this!

Tina said...

Yeah are doing it :)